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Hope you don't mind I added a link to you. You're got some good posts on book stuff. Hi, thanks a lot Read this book and become aware of the multiple masks that you are wearing; In work, relationship and in society at large. For a better and more fulfilling life, you need to make positives changes in life. It is only you are aware of your inborn personal strengths and consciously, maximize your natural talents, abilities and leadership style that you will begin to enter the 'flow' of your life. And when you enter your natural flow, you will have the Mojo the powerful force to naturally succeed and be the best that you can be in life!

Find out which Profile you belong to and learn path of least resistance to success. Find out your Profile here. ISBN: The Friend Profile is naturally drawn to people. You are also extremely resourceful and have the inherent gift of being able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. You know how to get things done and are often generous and warm. But you can sometimes take a fall from your pride, and when pushed into a corner you may become insecure and focus too much on others instead of yourself. Discover how you relate to the people and the world around you in terms of work, close relationships and the community at large.

This book outlines your strengths, weaknesses and hidden nature, and provides ideas for you to effectively connect with others and be the best you can be in life. Master your own strengths based on your BaZi Profile and cultivate your inborn talent and nature to create positive change in your career, relationship and friendships. The Pioneer is a powerhouse of energy and a daring go-getter; a competent and straight-talking force of change.


You are independent, and capable, and don't see why you shouldn't get what you what if you work hard to attain it. You build yourself and your life from scratch. But you can become filled with temper when things go awry, and take your independence too far. You get impatient easily and expect things to always go your way. The Leader is confident and courageous; a charismatic personality that connects to others emotionally. The Leader Profile is ambitious and possesses attractive allure. You are undeterred by problems and will do what's necessary to get what you want in life.

You are robust and not easily weakened. But you can easily become too severe in your quest for success. You sometimes have trouble separating your public persona from your personal self, and may find it difficult staying consistent. The Performer. The Performer is the star of the show, a sparkling personality that gets the accolades.

The Performer Profile is meant to be under the limelight. You are a high-energy person to whom verbal articulation and creativity come together as a second nature. You are eloquent and ambitious, and ready to work hard for your dreams. But your place in the spotlight can sometimes go on for too long. You may become highly critical of yourself and others, and take it too far in trying to please everyone. The Philosopher. The Philosopher is free-flowing and unique; and idiosyncratic mind that seeks special knowledge. The Philosopher Profile is the ultimate free-spirit.

You are often gifted in intellect and creativity, and love to explore the unexplored and the esoteric. You can be extremely observant and open-minded, and often attain mastery in your wide variety of interests. But you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself too often, becoming mysterious to even those who know you. One Profile Fits All?

BaZi Profiling Series - The Diplomat (Direct Officer Profile)

Human beings are multifaceted and complex. It is impossible that any one person has only ONE Profile that defines their entire life. Most people have multiple roles, and hence will the need to know his or her Main, Secondary, Social and Intimate profiles. This book may be used as a guide.

BaZi Profiling Series - The Diplomat (Direct Officer Profile)

A one-on-one coaching session will do two things: 1. Help you better understand your Profile; and 2. Help you plan a course of action to make a transformation for the better. Let us help you maximize the strengths of YOUR profile so that you can be a better you. Or perhaps you simply want to know more about people so that you could choose friends wisely and manage employees better.

Attending one of our live workshops would serve any one of these purposes. Your best investment in life is yourself. The inborn personality. It is your essential character. There are ten basic personality profiles — the TEN Day Masters — each with its unique set of personality traits, likes and dislikes. It expands on the Day Master Level 1. The structure reveals your natural tendencies in life — are you more controlling, more of a creator, supporter, thinker or connector?

Why do we do the things we do? Why do we like the things we like? Everyone plays a different role. What makes you happy and what does success mean to you is different to somebody else. Your sense of achievement and sense of purpose in life is unique to your Profile. Your Profile will reveal your unique style. It will show you your patterns in work, relationship and social settings. Analyzer Profiles are typically introspective- types who are known for their brainpower.

They are gifted with considerable intellect and carry the reputation of being wise and knowledgeable, in addition to living a cultured life and having sophisticated practices and tastes in their habits. Their aim in life is to understand things and get to the root of the matter. They are also very keen about authenticity hence their need to understand , and are usually somewhat happy when in their own company, alone, or in the company of a select group of people in a quiet, unobtrusive environment.

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They generally tend to dislike anything flashy and attention-seeking. They are usually very imaginative and witty, with a heightened sense of aesthetics and sensibility. On the other hand, they can also sometimes be too impractical and occasionally overly laidback. They are prone to mood swings and rely too much on an emotional inner compass. The 10 Profiles can be divided into two groups: Yin, and Yang. The Analyzer Profile falls under Yin.

They dislike too much time spent in big groups or crowds as it interferes with their thinking and reflection. They are meticulous in their thoughts, and are keen to break things down into components for great depth and accuracy. They pay great attention to detail, and are deeply interested in knowing how things work, or how concepts and ideas are crafted. They have a healthy respect for the mechanisms and processes of things, events, and life in general. While others may simply focus on the end result and make their deductions from there, Analyzer Profiles are very keen to investigate the reasons why something is the way it is.

Coupled with their enthusiasm for learning, healthy Analyzer Profiles can be super-methodical and leave no stone unturned in their quest for knowledge. Being also creative in nature, healthy Analyzer Profiles are always inspired to seek new explanations or resolutions, and are often able to renew themselves and transform their experiences. They like to take their time to think and examine things from the inside- out. As such, they cultivate strong learning abilities within themselves and are extremely committed to doing so. They are also extraordinary fast and capable learners. Others often turn to Analyzer Profiles for their veritable wealth of information.

This is because Analyzer Profiles believe that by understanding how things work, and knowing the reasons why, they are able to achieve a certain level of strength and confidence. They believe this puts them ahead of others, and marks them out as special in some way. Information is what they use to process the world, just as some other Profiles may social connections or hands- on experience to do the same.

They are typically more well-informed than most. They like comfort and pleasure and are very loath to give it up. A good lifestyle with all the necessary trimmings is a source of assurance, and provides them with the backdrop of respectability that they enjoy having. They tend to abhor hardship and pain, as Analyzer Profiles are usually not the types who can easily rough it out. Analyzer Profiles are very cultured and sophisticated. They enjoy luxury and the finer things in life. Elegance moves them, and they strive to emulate refined sophistication in their daily lives.

They truly derive some measure of joy from all the good things in life — these are people of food, wine, and song. Gaudy garishness or tacky, unrefined ways of life are some of the things they deeply dislike and stay away from. They are very self-expressive, and so these motivations arise out of a desire to express their true selves. This is because they are heavily invested in their self-reputation. Or, they may tend to use principles as an excuse for their haughtiness or aloofness. They tend to believe that they have aristocratic tastes, and quite naturally their perspective is that not everyone can partake in these same tastes.

Hence, they see themselves as unique and upholding a tradition of opulence, elegance, and refined sensibilities. They may tend to see themselves or carry themselves as very entitled people — in other words, people who always deserve the best. They consider their own taste to be the decisive, conclusive one. In healthy people, this just makes them gentle and compassionate souls, and people who are able to empathise with others and offer comfort.

In unhealthy Analyzer Profiles, however, they can be afflicted with a keen sense of drama. Their fondness for dramatics does not manifest itself in volubility or excessive talking. In the case of the Analyzer Profile, it just means a lot of emotional drama. They start to dramatise their sufferings, and take a secret pride in their laments.

This will be evident in their tone of voice of voice. They may enjoy languishing in feelings of sadness and mine for all its emotional effects! They believe that no one can suffer as they suffer because no one else is as sensitive, as special, as emotionally intelligent and different as they are. Alternatively, these traits may be unconsciously revealed to others in particular moments. The hidden self is typically the driving force of their behaviour.

Because of their naturally-introspective natures, Analyzer Profiles tend to live in their heads. Thus, they have a very healthy fantasy life — and in this fantasy life there is a very strong version of the fantasy self. Analyzer Profiles live in constant fear of not living up to this fantasy self. They wonder if they really are as unique, smart, and sophisticated as they think they are. They are utterly afraid of the banal and the ordinary, and cannot handle it if they think that they represent mediocrity.

They start to doubt their every move and contribution to the world, and become painfully self-conscious to the point of awkwardness. At their very best, Analyzer Profiles already find it hard to form meaningful connections to other people, and tend to have a small group of select, carefully-chosen friends. But unhealthy Analyzer Profiles may find it immensely difficult to get close to anyone, and they use their solitariness as a crutch. It becomes their comfort zone. If they find it hard to make friends, they blame it on the state of the world.

Too good for anyone, they retreat into themselves and become comfortable with not venturing out beyond themselves to seek companionship. Analyzer Profiles want to be loved and respected for their uniqueness — as indeed all people do. They assume that everyone they meet will be attuned to their deepest desires, likes and dislikes, and that a good friend will be a saviour. The unhealthy Analyzer Profile misses out on this and thus becomes alienated from other people in a real sense. In less healthy Analyzer Profiles, however, this impulse becomes a lot more difficult, and in some of them, it completely does not exist.

Part of the problem is their belief that their sadness marks them out as extraordinary. Analyzer Profiles believe that only unique and especially sensitive souls are able to feel the pain; the rest of the seemingly sedated masses are too unrefined and easily influenced, and hence are too stupidly cheerful. They truly think that their feelings of despair are informed by a very special kind of knowledge, and hence see their constant melancholy as a form of superiority. There are other concepts to take into consideration as a whole, such as the Day Master and the Structure, and more importantly, the strength of the elements that form the Day Master, the Structure, and the Profile.

The concept of strong or weak elements is a fundamental aspect of BaZi, and plays a big role in determining whether a particular Profile is healthy or unhealthy. The strength and quality of your Profile, or its level of health, are based upon the factors that are inherent in your individual BaZi chart.

The Profile Under Pressure reveals how a person belonging to the Profile is likely to behave in situations that are stressful or nerve-wracking, or around other people who create a taxing atmosphere. Politeness, to them, is a virtue, unlike certain other Profiles who may see it as a waste of time!

They like and respect all the social niceties that keep the wheels of culture turning smoothly. This is especially true if an apology i s forthcomi ng. Analyzer Profile strives to be civilised and reasonable, and are very forgiving because they dislike cruelty — especially unnecessary cruelty.

Far from being forceful with this, they are simply content to let it inform their own lives. This is because they value the principles that keeps civilisation thriving — and responsibility is one of them. Sensitive and caring, they know that being reliable can sustain good relations and is the foundation of successful ventures.

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They are not reactionaries who need to lash out the world in order to feel satisfaction. They prefer to use their mental powers and contemplate something before arriving at a conclusion. They tend to rather laidback and are prone to being lazy when unhealthy. These are the types who may want ornate bookshelves made of the finest oak when they can barely afford to pay their utility bills each month.

They have an idealised life in their heads — one of high-living and sophistication — and sometimes are blind to the immediate nuts-and-bolts issues. Sometimes, they may not even realise it if someone is giving them fake flattery just to get something out of them. They can be difficult conver sat i onal i st s, and even among close friends and family, they may remain a frustrating mystery.

Then, in order to maintain it, they can be susceptible to abusing their power and doing incorrect things. In extremely unhealthy Analyzer Profiles, they may simply opt-out and take the easy way out — due to a lack of drive or motivation to do better — and may indulge in lies, or accept bribes, in order to get ahead. Thus, they alienate others, becoming hopeless and ultimately indeed do lose their identity or personal significance in the world.

They become less in contact with their own feelings, and start to deflect and direct the focus and concentration elsewhere. They start going with the group or assuming the identity of the larger group. This section typically emphasises how the Profile engages with the intimate other, and the psychological thinking and behaviour that may motivate or give impulse to their actions and words. The Intimate Subtype reflects how the person of this Profile behaves when in a relationship, or looking for one. It refers to their relationship mask. They are like receptors of different emotional levels, and are constantly seeking out signals when in a loving relationship.

They are also very good listeners, and this makes them capable of responding sensitively. When their partner has something to say, healthy Analyzer Profiles switch off everything else and focus solely on their partners. Healthy Analyzer Profiles are able to distance themselves from their own troubles and emotional traumas in order to be wholly present for someone else.

To them, being responsible in a relationship is the ultimate thing to do. They will be the ones who will pencil in time for appointments, conversations, and time together. They are highly aware of their responsibilities in the relationship, and are especially invested in ensuring that they fulfill those responsibilities.

They are often looking for ways to recreate the ideal relationship where one can be loved unconditionally, and thereby see their commitment to it as their efforts and hard work into making it happen. Here, they no longer engage in healthy behaviour that nurtures the love, but may respond in ways that creates friction and emotional drama. Often, unhealthy Analyzer Profiles are keen to attract a saviour who will save them from all of their doubts, troubles and insecurities.

Hence, they keep holding out for the perfect person. This emotionally-exhausting push-and-pull cycle starts to become the basis of their relationships, if unhealthy.

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  • They often get caught up with their own emotional dramas and feelings, and start magnifying their emotions to a state of hyperbole and exaggeration. For example, a tiny sliver of suspicion may sometimes be allowed to bloom into full-blown jealousy and paranoia — without any moves in-between to circumvent the emotions with reason and logic. It is highly ironic, but in unhealthy Analyzer Profiles, all their learning and knowledge is only put to use in selective ways. Everything becomes wrong, and nothing is right.

    The Social Subtype essentially refers to the self in interaction with the larger community of family, and extended group of friends and acquaintances, and the world at large. This will include its interactions with schoolmates, university peers, and at work, the colleagues as well as the superiors and subordinates. The Social Subtype provides hints on how the Profile may approach social causes and interact with issues and events that affect the surrounding community.

    Hence, their relationship with the world is predicated upon this sense of originality. In the workplace, or in activities and events that involve their neighbours or community, the Social subtype of the Analyzer Profile provides a different spin on things. Instead of going with the norm and the traditions, they bring a different perspective. In healthy interactions, this sense of difference helps to diversify a group or collective.

    They like to participate in activities that heighten learning skills and make people more aware of a variety of issues and events. Analyzer Profiles bring their special brand of beauty, elegance and learning in order to make the experience all the more richer and meaningful. Here, they harness their innate sensitivity and tenderness for the greater good, and not just as a means of highlighting their own emotional dramas. They are very charitable by nature, and see no qualms in giving to others because of this ability to both sympathise and empathise.

    In general, healthy Analyzer Profiles are very kind people, and dislike seeing any form of cruelty being practised or taking place. If they come across this, they will attempt to redress the wrongs. Primarily, they do this by being open and compassionate listeners first, so that they can think on the problem and help others find a way out. Their strong desire to understand what makes another person tick precludes the ability to be judgmental, and indeed, healthy Analyzer Profiles can be very open-minded and accepting.

    This is a paradoxical relation to the world, as their hidden nature holds a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. Thus, they will tend to promote themselves as somehow innately superior to the rest of the world. They do this rather easily because Analyzer Profiles are often very smart, cultivated folks. But in unhealthy people, this excess intelligence and sophistication can be used as a subtle weapon to denigrate other people or to put them in their place.

    It has its origin in the estimation of their mate, friends, family, colleagues, and society at large. The more they feel that others are envious of them for their greatness, the better they feel. However, because it is a loop of self-deception, they constantly need to prop themselves up more and more to continue feeling good. This, in the long run, isolates the unhealthy Analyzer Profile and sets them up for deep loneliness. The problem with these emotions is that it allows them to do whatever they please, whenever they want to.

    And if they feel that others are not responding the way they want them to, then the unhealthy Analyzer Profile will simply withdraw and become remote. When the reality stops matching up to the idea, the Analyzer Profile erects a Great Wall and stands behind it. It will be much easier to withdraw, instead, and remain unapproachable or distant. They can study the intricate processes and minutiae and are absolutely attentive to the details.

    They strive to be thorough and to achieve a level of perfection. These two particular traits combine together as their leverage.

    BaZi Profiling - The Ten Profiles - The Artist (Eating God) by Joey Yap

    They read up on things on their own, and strive very hard to make it on their own steam. Analyzer Profiles like to be seen as being ahead or in a league of their own, and they are committed to verifying the knowledge that they gain, and ascribing accountability to themselves. Hands-on, practical skills that require their physical involvement may not be their cup of tea. Therefore, in whatever approach they take, it is typical for the Analyzer Profile to head straight for the data before anything else. They are able to synthesise complex data and make it digestible and easily understandable for everyone else.

    Anything to do with computation and technical know-how spurs their interest. In fact, they work best when not directly dealing with people although total lack of interaction with other human beings is in fact impossible in any job.

    Bazi Profile - Action Oriented Profiles (4A)

    It speaks to all their strengths of superior learning abilities, and great willingness to cultivate their own knowledge and seek out more. It would almost seem like a dream come true to them to be required to learn more in order to get better at their job. Furthermore, they enjoy interactions with others if it means sharing their knowledge, or being able to teach someone else who knows less Most Analyzer Profiles are rather forgiving and charitable, and are not inclined to penalise or judge students harshly for not knowing their stuff.

    Science is not a stagnant industry, and is predicated upon new discoveries and the revising of earlier theories. Science is also about understanding how the world works. Not many people have the patience to sift through information, study it, and make reasoned conclusions or theories. The Analyzer Profile, however, has all that much patience, and more to spare. They have minds that are able to handle complex numerical and computational formulas. They enjoy breaking down these formulas into components, and are able to translate the meaning of that into real-world practical solutions for others.

    As such, they usually make very thorough and expert financial analysts or even fund managers, who can advise others on what to do and how to do it. Analyzer Profiles are the ones who handle the complex information and make sense out of it for others who reward them for this ability. Again, their propensity to devote long hours of study to complex configurations make them ideal candidates to study physiognomy and complex chemical and biological processes in humans or animals.

    Analyzer Profiles are deeply committed to the idea of perfection, and nowhere does this trait play out to advantageous benefits than in the field of medicine — where doctors and surgeons are required to do perfect work. They also have the patience to commit to a study or experiment in order to achieve medical breakthroughs that in turn can help save or improve thousands or millions of lives. Analyzer Profiles, for instance, will not be happy in job roles that require them to soothe humans, or deal with temperamental questions in a customer service line.

    Lack of time and space to think will greatly stifle their potential. Their probing and inquisitive minds enable them to approach statistics or facts from several different angles, providing a richer analysis.