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Main article: Weird War discography. The Make-Up. Washington, D. Radio CPR. Vice Magazine. Retrieved 20 November Retrieved Epitonic Records. Archived from the original on September 30, Washington Post. Archived from the original on Southern Records. Mumblage 1 January New York Night Train. Steady Diet, April Archived from the original on May 10, Drag City.

Archived from the original PDF on October 24, Dischord Records. Southern Records , Damn You Fanzine. Southern Records , The Hedonist. Drowned in Sound. Pitchfork Media. Archived from the original on September 27, Jetset Records. Overview The explosive and innovative sci-fi adventure series Ian's Gang is currently in its 11th incredible season, but now for the very first time the entire first season is available to buy in one incredible volume for a great value price! Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review.

The Ians in the Audience: Punk Attitude and the Influence of the Avant-Garde

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DCI Ian Reed

This re-evaluation of what has until now been seen as the most critically lacklustre period This re-evaluation of what has until now been seen as the most critically lacklustre period of the British film history covers a variety of genres, such as B-movies, war films, women's pictures and theatrical adaptations, as well as social issues Corruption and governance in Asia.

This book delves into the nature of governance in Asia both at government and corporate This book delves into the nature of governance in Asia both at government and corporate level. Yes, they actually borrowed an English word for that. And Jews have a lot to do with Hollywood and with post-Soviet oligarchy. I think you could argue that the large majority of Americans are pro-law and order even today. When little kids played with guns back in the 50s and 60s, some played cowboys and others played outlaws.

Sure there were. There were also serfs in France, Germany, Hungary, etc. Serfdom in the Russian and Ottoman Empires was qualitatively worse though and more like slavery than serfdom. Most of the worst Polish serfdom also took place in what is now Ukraine and Belarus.

The alternative explanation for Russian disfunction is that you think Russians are simply genetically more predisposed to violence and stupidity than Central and Western Europeans. I think there is a cultural explanation. Can you acknowledge that Yeltsin and the oligarchs are for the most part the exact same people who were mid-level Communist party functionaries and enterprise directors under Brezhnev and Gorbachev? Do you think those people just magically appeared when the Communist Party lost control?

The reason the USSR collapsed in the first place is because it was an incredibly corrupt, dysfunctional society run by Communists. Yeltsin was a perpetually-drunk figurehead and most of the oligarchs had nothing to do with the Communist Party. And a few things to do with scum like Larry Summers. The ultimate reason that the USSR was abolished was that Gorbachev was a vain fool who wanted to seem like a fashionable reformer.

Things were going great until he appeared. No wonder neo-communist movements are making a comeback on college campuses. There are children who never experienced the gulags, the surveillance state, the empty stores, the long lines, and the dead, mutilated bodies coming back from Afghanistan. You do realize that you are talking to someone who grew up in the USSR? He remembers not just those Cold War propaganda cliches but other things too.

These are people who came to adulthood under the classic USSR, not the chaos of latter days perestroika let alone the disaster of the s. So you had a situation when, if selling blue jeans at market prices is outlawed only the outlaws would sell blue jeans at market prices. From time to time, the newspapers would report about the police busting another dangerous blue jeans gang.

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This was what much of the crime in the Soviet Union was like, not murder and mayhem. A large proportion of them had criminal inclinations. Blue jeans gang may sound like a joke but it may have really be quite dangerous because of the kind of people the illegal business tend to attract. Circling back to -yans, the Caucasians were way overrepresented in these kinds of illegal enterprises. After the end of the USSR the illegal businessmen ended up richer and more mobile than an average Joe. No wonder you now meet many of them in California.

Poland 1. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are also extremely corrupt, as measured by the Corruption Perceptions Index, again as compared to Central and Western Europe, although Southern European countries have much higher corruption indices. One way to summarize these statistics is to think in terms of the Arc of Dysfunction that stretches from Greece, through the Balkans, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Interestingly, all these countries are part of Eastern Christendom, and hence heirs of Byzantine and Mongol — for Russia despotism.

They were also adversely affected by being within the shooting range of the Ottoman Empire. By contrast, the heirs of Rome, i. American popular culture was always in love with outlaws… Russian culture became like that for the first time in the s.

My wife is Armenian and studied her culture in College. She explained to me essentially what Mark Krikorian wrote. There are two Armenian dialects, Western and Eastern. The Western Armenians were survivors of the genocide in Turkey and fled to various countries. They are the -ians. The Eastern Armenians are the -yans and ask Mark Krikorian said, they have a general disregard for the law.

And they litter too. It takes WORK. You seem too lazy. Was the prison cycle of millions of gulag detainees in the Soviet Union NOT genetically induced, but rather due to environmental factors? Khodorkovsky was deputy head of Komsomol at his university and began his business career with Komsomol contacts. Prokhorov, who owns the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, was the son of a Soviet lawyer who handled international relations for the Soviet Committee of Physical Culture and Sport.

Here, you are closer to being correct. My father-in-law worked for the man, in the s. Gorbie was far more intelligent and crafty than would seem given his presentation such as poor use of the Russian language. But he was extremely vain and this was a primary motivating factor for him; he wanted to be like a Soviet Kennedy. When it all started to fall apart he had zero personal qualms about sending tanks in to Lithuania and bringing in the hardliners who ultimately overthrew him, but it was too little too late by that point. Those guys seem to be getting a complete pass regarding any blame for what is plaguing Russia today except perhaps that they were just too good-natured and kindly in dealing with their opponents.

While I did not grow up in the Soviet Union, I have known many people from there, most of them 40 and above. Furthermore, before all this war on Islamic terrorism, I professionally analyzed Soviet military and industrial capacity and domestically I monitored Russian organized crime such as the Odessa Mafia. While Russia and Putin are often maligned in the West for the wrong reasons, all this fuzzy nostalgia about the good old days of the communist rule is myth-making at best and at worst a deliberate distortion of history.

As for the supposed lack of crime in the Soviet Union, that is a complete joke of a claim. Thieves within the Code has existed for a very long time, and are in no way a product of American pop culture. I checked my sources again, and it turns out that ALL 3 Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have high murder rates, comparable to the figure I mentioned previously for Lithuania. To some extent it simply went bankrupt. The Russians are very proud of the size of their country but the enormous size makes Russia ungovernable except by despotic means. In this context it seems that the U.

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  8. Last year, after Ferguson, etc. I would bear in mind that nostalgia for the past when the person doing the remembering was young and strong is something of a human universal. My paternal grandfather recalls the Great Depression as a great time, and he grew up in Oklahoma during the height of the Dust Bowl….

    In Latvia and Estonia the ethnic Russians drive up the numbers. Even in Britain and Ireland Lithuanian names pop up not infrequently in connection to violent incidents. Compared to Latvians and Estonians, Lithuanians are much more numerous as a people the population is much larger and the proportion of Russians several times smaller ; they also have disproportionately large communities abroad, especially in the British isles; I believe that in the US too, people of Lithuanian descent are about ten times as many as those of Latvian descent; this tendency to migrate might be related to the fact that unlike its neighbours, Lithuania once had a very large Jewish population that migrated en masse; gentile Lithuanians may have copied that trend; the larger population size that contributed to mass migration and continues to do so might be somehow related to the fact that Lithuania is Catholic the two other Baltic states are Lutheran.

    Latvians and Estonians might be less inclined to commit crimes if we presume that a high proportion of crimes in those countries are commited by ethnic Russians because these two ethnicities are less warlike due to their history of being ruled by Germans and Swedes and having a Baltic German elite dominating them to a large extent until World War 2. Lithuanians by contrast have memories of early statehood, empire and resisting invaders. That takes us far from SoCal yans….

    Maybe they have Stockholm Syndrome. Sure: you keep losing because whenever anyone plays the race-baiting game, Diversitoids and Multicultists lose. Some people prefer to be sheep than be free men. Then there are the sheep that are now wolf-food who wish they were sheep again. Just imagine that. Or maybe it is simply the fact that for the vast majority of elderly people, life seemed better several decades ago when they were younger, more active, and more in charge of their lives, and things however meager , were just as they expected them to be — as opposed to how it all seems now that they are older, more frail, on a pension, and in a world where everything is changing fast.

    How common are French surnames in the U. S outside of Louisiana? I rarely meet Americans with French surnames here in California.. The same for when I visit family members in New York. I rarely meet New Yorkers with French surnames. Sweden ranks 4 in the world in the Corruption Perceptions Index. By contrast, Estonia ranks 26, Lithuania — 39, and Latvia — So Latvia is the most corrupt among the Baltics, but all of them are fairly corrupt compared to Sweden. For much of its history Lithuania was joined to Poland as the junior member of the Commonwealth Republic , and so completely dominated by it militarily and culturally that the Lithuanian nobles have eventually become completely polonized.

    Whoever wins the race to the bottom by building the easiest drug corridor in the vicinity is going to get an inordinate share of crime as part of the proceeds.

    Ian's Gang

    And if the winner happens to be Kaliningrad, that makes Lithuania a de facto partner as well, given the logistics of getting something from that city to the rest of Russia. Russia has the highest rate in Europe Lithuania is second and is the only European country whose homicide rate is higher than that of some African countries. French surnames are quite common in New England, and there are French-speaking areas in northern Maine.

    A lot of French people came down from Maine and from French Canada to work in mill-towns and factories years ago. These were rural and simple, not fancy French people, and for the most part their French-surnamed descendants are working class. My guess is that if one is not directly involved in the distribution of contraband, specifically drugs, the effective murder rate in the Baltics drops to Swedish levels though in fairness, a fair number of Swedish deaths are likely due to being part of the same distribution ring that extends to the Baltics; moreover, splitting out deaths that are not directly due to thug activity is the kind of cheat that would produce marked improvements in any number of anomalously murderous cities, e.

    Quite a few French Canadians made their way to the west of the Great Lakes. Their descendants dominate her hometown. Lots of silent Ss and Xs in the names there, which are pronounced the correct French way— even though the town is quite prole. One of the murdered victims in the Lafayette, Louisiana theater shooting had a French surname Mayci Breaux. Whenever Hollywood does films about Russian gangsters, they some times cast actors who look more Caucasus region in phenotype than they do to Slavic people meaning they look closer to Georgian and Armenian people in phenotype than they do to Polish Gentiles and Lithuanians for example.

    They came directly from Quebec. Her mother was a Fortin. Andrei Navrozov, if I recall correctly, remarked that after seventy years of trying to bring New Soviet Man into existence, the USSR had managed only to generate a race of proficient thieves. Wisconsin also got Walloon ie southern Belgian emigrants.

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    Though their names were probably Anglicised before heading across the Atlantic. As others pointed out, French names are quite common in northern New England. Back when I was in college there, I frequently visited northern New Hampshire and Maine and encountered many people with French names.