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I have been a big fan of yours for over 20 plus years and every time I am into one of your books I am in total bliss and able to tune out the world … Thank you , Lucy,Kay ,Patricia Cornwell!!!!!! I have been reading your books from the very beginning, loved Depraved Heart! Is another Scarpetta on the way?

Is there any idea when the next one will be released? Hope you never stop writing these amazing books Ms Cornwell! You are by far my favourite writer of all time. Just wondering if Ms. Cornwell will provide any sequels in the Andy Brazil Series. Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment your work bring.

Thank you for Lucy in this series, and not reducing her to stereotypes but making her a badass in her own right. It is so appreciated by the readers like me who are used to seeing only marginalized characters or ones that are so defined by the one thing people perceive as different. Trying not to spoil it for anyone but thank you! I love these books. Collected all but last two to read when I retired.

Reading Dust now. I think all the characters are getting more and more crazy. I fear Lucy is going to go too far. Would hate for something really bad to happen to her. Kay,you are so cruel,keeping us hanging over Carrie. Most of the time I read it out to my husband as a way of getting to read it so often, but I finished the book on my own, then he picks it up and continued reading it.

What a fantastic honeymoon.. The next Dr Scarpetta novel. He knows how much I love these kinds of stories. I have never heard of Patricia Cornwell but I needed to look up the books to make sure if there was a series I would be reading them in order. Just read Chaos and the ending was quite a shock; cannot wait for the next in the Scarpetta series!

I have read all the books in the Scarpetta series. I just started Chaos and would like to know when the next book will be available. I read a book where Kay thought Benton was dead, but at the end he appears just for the last few pages. The next novel I read was after Kay and Benton were married. Can anyone give me the names of the ones in between so I can catch up on the ones I missed?

Sometimes life gets in the way of pastimes! I now have 33 of Patricas book all in very good condition lined up perfectly in my book case. The only 1 missing is Lifes Little Fables, I am now chasing it up. Is Chasing The Ripper a novel? We will post the dates for other countries when we have them. Your email address will not be published. Blog Links. February 2, at am. Chuck Smith says:. February 17, at am.

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Jean says:. January 26, at pm. January 29, at am. February 10, at pm. He's also definitely swoon-worthy. I mean, in the famous words of TayTay: "He's so bad but he does it so well. This guy can lighten up the room and make people crack a smile even in the darkest times. Seriously, though, he's hilarious. Definitely a well crafted character! We see this broken, wanting, girl. She still has her sassy moments though.

I actually really liked her. These authors can never do me wrong with their writing. It's just so good and fitting. Definitely a cliffhanger a. I need to get my hands on the next book!! It's a good thing that she redeemed herself in the end though. I'd recommend this series, even though the first one may seem a bit dull, but you just have to continue with the series and it definitely gets better! View all 3 comments. Oct 14, Kt rated it it was amazing Shelves: hardcopy , signed. After not being claimed for darkness like she feared, you would expect Lena to be happy to be able to stay with Ethan.

However her guilt from her Uncle's death is threatening to consume her and causes Lena to pull further and further away from Ethan. When Ethan starts having mysterious visions again, this time without Lena, he knows she is in trouble, but he just isn't sure what the danger really is.

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  4. When Lena really starts to take a turn for the worst, Ethan may just be the only person who can After not being claimed for darkness like she feared, you would expect Lena to be happy to be able to stay with Ethan. When Lena really starts to take a turn for the worst, Ethan may just be the only person who can save her from herself, but what happens when she doesn't want to be saved? The teen love angst was majorly stepped up in this book. It really surprises me to say this, but I actually think the angst added to the story. Usually this is something that will turn me off of a series, but it was handled perfectly in this book.

    Everything between Ethan and Lena is thoroughly strained, ripped, torn apart. It's almost as if all of their differences grew together and formed an impenetrable wall between the two of them. However, while the issues between them made for a terribly nail biting read, if they can overcome those obstacles, they will only come out the other side that much stronger.

    I really enjoy these two together and I hope their relationship will stand the test of time despite the road blocks along the way.

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    A lot of questions get answered in this book. Many of those answers are ones you will never see coming. Things are really starting to come all together and the events in the past have woven a very intricate web to lead into the present. It's amazing to see how everything has led up to the current events, and its hard to believe there is still plenty we do not know.

    This book really has just the right amount of revelations to really keep the pace going, but it leaves plenty of mystery as well. This is a really fine line to follow, and can be one of my biggest pet peeves in a book. Too little information and the book is very frustrating, but too many revelations can become boring as there is no mystery left. I am very impressed with the way this series is progressing and handling the "information and mystery" issues.

    If you thought the stakes were high in the first book, this one steps it up that much further. Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat the entire book. I couldn't read it any faster! This book will definitely grip you every bit as hard as the first one. After the revelations in this book, I cannot imagine the direction the next book will have to take. If you enjoyed the first book, this one surely will not disappoint. If you are anything like me, as soon as you finish this book, you will be counting down until the next one.

    Nov 15, Rollie rated it liked it. New mysterious student. Love story. Basically, from what I listed above, you could immediately think of twilight. I mentioned it already. Harry Potter. Remember the New mysterious student. Remember the twist of Macon? It is the same twist applied into this book as what Rowling did to Severus Snape.

    Not to mention that Lila spelled like Lily. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Come on tunnels! Mortal Instruments. Simon was bit by a vampire, yet able to jerk around under the sun. Other things that I noticed aside from being unoriginal: The book has a rough transition that evokes every reader how it consists of two authors. The book has useless scenes and even chapters. As if they were inserted for the sake of making this book lengthy--unnoticing that it caused the book to become a package of boringness. The concept of this book is quite interesting.

    The classification of Supernaturals is unique, as well as their abilities. The chants were fascinating, too. The attack of twists was sudden, even though the clues were given. Lastly, I liked this book because it somehow brag something despite of being judge of having unoriginal concepts—the CASTER word itself, much more the world behind it.

    Apr 28, Neil or bleed rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , favourites. Beautiful Darkness is a very much appropriate title. Beautiful Darkness started very dark. The darkness of melancholy, grief and sorrow.

    And I can't blame Lena for being so emotional with the loss. I knew the feeling, to be honest. Then the following chapters continued to go dark. Darkness as in real darkness. There are interesting characters that has been summoned in this second book of the Beautiful Creatures series: LIV: She is actually my favorite in here. Her wit and knowledge contributed a l Beautiful Darkness is a very much appropriate title. Her wit and knowledge contributed a lot for the sake of Ethan.

    At first, I considered her as a normal girl but it turned out she's not. And my mind had this commotion right now thinking if he is in good side or not. The starter. And other new interesting characters like Lucille that has a vital role in the story. Okay, I almost forgot.

    There are lot of mysteries slash revelations slash twists slash turns slash revelations again that made me think my brain is a time bomb ticking ready to explode. What sorcery is this! I can't contain what I've found out at first but in the end I managed to enclosed it in my brain. Actually, a lot of times I witnessed myself swearing. I really enjoyed the book and the feeling it Casted on me. Dec 19, Ceilidh rated it it was ok. I am sorry to say it was a disappointment.

    The first book had moments of pacing difficulties but here they seemed to spiral out of control. There was no real beginning, middle or end to the story; it all just dragged out and felt like it was pushed together out of scraps of story and scenes. Everything wandered from one scene to another with no real order or poi I am sorry to say it was a disappointment. Everything wandered from one scene to another with no real order or point. A strict editor could easily have taken a hundred or so pages from this story. In the previous book I understood her emotions and while I empathise to an extent here, her moments of ignorance, cruelty and just plain old stupidity drove me nuts.

    Stupidity should not drive the plot. This also left me wondering why the hell Ethan was so obsessively in love with Lena, especially since there were so many more interesting things about Ethan I wanted to know about, such as the return of his dad into his life after the events of the previous story. There were some small moments between Ethan and his dad where I really wanted to read more instead of that dreaded yet inevitable trope of the YA genre — the love triangle.

    Or rather a love square if I must be precise. Garcia and Stohl did a great job in capturing the claustrophobic feeling of being stuck in a small town where everybody knew everything and gossip could ruin your life. It was like a lighter Southern Gothic but every bit just as effective and it was completely missing in this book. There was no tension, no atmosphere, no foreboding sense of something suspicious in the foreground and the book seriously suffers for it. While the prose is still serviceable, the majority of the characters likeable and the mythos unique and interesting, the lack of plot, terrible pacing and lack of anything actually happening vastly outweigh the positives.

    This was even better than the first one! I know that Lena was a major bitch and whiny like hell but it was so moving that I couldn't stop reading it. Even if I needed 5 days to finish it. Real world got in the way -. We have a love triangle! Surprise, surprise. I don't count John Breed as a part of any love interest he's mine!!!! You'll have to read the book to find out. Yes, I'm that evil. Though, in Oh. Though, in the end, it didn't feel like there was some sort of a love triangle at all. New characters, new characters! Dead ones coming to life again. Old ones losing their powers and gaining some new ones.

    Surprising secrets. Action waiting behind every corner. People, you gotta read this!!! Like with every main female character in sequels, Lena was a whiny one. Seriously, all that whining about her being different and not accepted and undecided is so exhausting. Give me a break, would ya?! I have a feeling it's going to become even worse because "oh, god, I've changed everything! What am I supposed to do?!?! Beside Lena, everything else was great.

    There were so many secrets discovered in this that I don't know how I was able to take it all in. That's what made this book so interesting. But I still think that authors saved a lot more for next books. Can Ridley and Link get together already? Guess not. Going to impatiently wait for my wallet to magically fill itself up so I can buy the next one in the series This book started of pretty slow but once the plot started I was hooked.

    The world of the Casters and their history and everything gets even more complicated and interesting and l loved it. We are introduced to new characters who are very fascinating some good, some BAD. And I just have say this, the poems just keep coming don't they not that I mind them- i like them. Ethan is, honestly, an amazing person. He doesn't give up, is brave, and i know he will do what it takes to protect those he cares about.

    This book gets a 4 from me, and I look forward to the next one. View 2 comments. Oct 31, CHris. Very colourfull characters,full of secrets,revelations,plot twists. I can't say anything because it will be full of spoilers. I am a huge fan,i believe that this can become a fantastic film. Du no Just amazing and much more better than the fantastic first one.

    Sorry i cant reveal anything because what got my attention is that every page has a spoiler to the story. DEfinetelly a re-read for me!! View all 9 comments. Loved this! Beautiful Darkness is like drinking a cup of hot cocoa. It's rich, smooth and made to be drunk read slowly to savor ever delicious word.

    Struggling with the loss of her Uncle's death, Lena is very different from the first book. In a nut shell? She's lost. Very Lost. I have to admit, I was pretty frustrated with her character through out most of this book, but her journey was necessary to find her true path. Ethan totally owned this one. His love, his strength and his courage was som Loved this! His love, his strength and his courage was something to be proud of. I loved the new twists concerning his role.

    This series is one of my all time favorites. It's filled with wonderful Southern charm. Thick surrounding's. Magical and mysterious characters and a concept so rich you could taste it. Lots of surprises happen. New characters and a bunch of new twists to get your mind spinning. I was completely intrigued and loved every second of this Amazing world. More Please! Mar 20, AH rated it liked it Shelves: demons , young-adult , own , chubby-chunkster , vampires , succubus , zzread-dec What a sombre, dreary beginning.

    That was my first update on this book and unfortunately the first pages are just that: Sombre, dreary, with lots of crying and sadness. I wanted to like this book.

    Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away [Official Music Video]

    I really did. I liked its predecessor Beautiful Creatures. Why the 3 star rating? There were a lot of things that I did enjoy in the book: I liked the Caster magic and lore. Every reference to Caster magic was interesting and well thought out. I liked that the What a sombre, dreary beginning. I liked that the Caster world existed in plain sight of our world.

    The cultural references were fun. Sadly, there were no references to Scooby Doo, the one cartoon show that seemed to fit in well especially when the gang was in the spooky Caster tunnels. Thank you, Greta for that image! The secondary characters were amazing. Link also had special skills in the lock picking field. While his language was not necessarily representative of an average 17 year old boy, Link provided some much needed comic relief.

    Liv was an interesting character. She also provided a sexy, British accented, secondary love interest for Ethan as well. Yes, the love triangle has made an appearance. The best surprise was Ridley. Special mention goes to Lucille Ball, the Caster cat. There were a lot more things that I disliked about this book.

    First of all, it was way too long and could have been edited down. It was a slow read for me. Nothing really happens in the first pages except that the main characters are mopey and sad. How many 17 year old boys cry as much as Ethan does? I hated Lena in this book. I felt absolutely no connection to her. I wanted Ethan to hook up with Liv. She would have made a better match for him. Was it so that he could have the birds and the bees talk with Ethan?

    Right after that, he seems to disappear into his study yet again. While I enjoyed the exciting conclusion to the book, I was disappointed with the last page. I kept turning the page and when it kept coming up blank, I was mad. When I saw a reference to 18 moons, all I could think about was another book was coming.

    View all 20 comments. Dec 28, Krystle rated it did not like it Shelves: first-reads.

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    It has taken me almost eight years to finish this book. I tried to read this three times, the last time on audiobook. I only persevered because I had won this as a giveaway on Goodreads and the book is signed by both authors. I liked the first one.

    Paul Auster | Author of 4 3 2 1

    In fact, I thought it was fun with a fresh perspective of reading a YA book from a male pov. This one I absolutely deplored. I hated how the only plot and conflict revolved around some overly dramatic love triangle for our leads and some very out of ch It has taken me almost eight years to finish this book. I hated how the only plot and conflict revolved around some overly dramatic love triangle for our leads and some very out of character moments. I thought their behaviors were ridiculous. I absolutely despised how Lena constantly gaslighted Ethan on his feelings and the state of their relationship.

    He expressed his concerns and worries multiple times and the only responses Lena would give him was that he didn't understand because he was a mortal and not magical like she was. Or whenever he would mention John and how she seemed to be very familiar with him and she would only say it's not what it looks like. That's not how a healthy couple should communicate. All she's doing is undermining his concerns and that somehow he's the one at fault for feeling this way. You know, Lena could have just expressed that she was feeling scared, anxious, guilty, or even just confided a bit about what was going on with her - otherwise why do you call yourselves partners, friends, in the first place?

    You don't build connections with people if you keep them at a distance - it could have promoted an active conversation and alleviated some of his misgivings. But no. The majority of these scenes mostly felt like filler and made the pacing far too slow for my liking.