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A seeker of wisdom, I love learning, studying and sharing sage advice to bring unity, empowerment, a deeper sense of self and self-love. Another dear friend of mine was talking about the lines she is beginning to see around her lips.

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Look, she said and puckers up to show me the exaggerated lines. What shall we call them, love-bug lines? Love your face; love-bug lines, smile lines, wisdom lines, and all. I was afraid to run. It was really hard to recognize, admit to myself, and then say out loud. Afraid to run for various reasons, physical mostly, but also just afraid of not being able to run, and how that would feel emotionally.

Journey to Joy Retreat – Bali

Self-judgement made me feel heavy and awkward. My husband, Danny, is a runner. He loves running. He loves the sense of community, the camaraderie, he gets out of his mind when he runs and finds clarity in his being. This is what I feel like when I practice Yoga and Nia. Danny suggested that we sign up for Wanderlust , a mindfulness triathlon. We both committed to stepping out of our comfort zones to do something different together. The day started with a 5k, MC Yogi kicked off the event with a blessing for our hearts to be filled with peace and gratitude as we moved as a community through the streets of Sacramento.

The final stage of the mindfulness triathlon was a 30 minute meditation led by Vinnie Ferraro from Dharma Punx. As the event day approached, the 5k would pop into my mind every now and then, a little voice of concern. Would I walk? Would I run? Would I skip it? Not literally skip, but just not do that segment of the event? The day of the event, as we stood with the Wanderlust tribe, arms linked in a collective blessing, I nervously admitted to myself that I wanted to run. Phew, that was scary. How would I run? My mind started to calmly process how I would run.

I knew lifting my knees high would be important to clear the ground with my left foot. I knew that I wanted to feel light and buoyant. I knew that I wanted to run it.

The Journey to Joy

The pack began to move. Danny comfortable running in a large group wove his way to the front. I moved with the larger field of runners, making our way through the starting point, bouncing on the balls of my feet as I started to jog. We hit the pavement and I found my own space, my rhythm, and I started to feel a bit of freedom in my movement.

My legs feeling comfortable as they pumped up and down, my hands loose as my elbows swung back and forth, my breath easy and comfortable. Simultaneously a sensation of elation and calm filling my heart as I realized I was running! Gentle thoughts moved through my mind, keeping my breathing easy, committing to keeping my legs moving, my shoulders relaxed and attention focused as I ran alongside people keeping pace as my body allowed.

Not knowing the course, I had no idea how much longer I had to run, so I quietly called on my breath and enjoyed the energy of running in community.

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We came to a small downhill and the desire to run wildly down the hill, like a 5 year old girl, feeling the freedom of going super-fast filled me. I kept that image in my mind as I continued my mindful pace, movement as meditation. And suddenly the finish line was in sight. I had run a 5k! I had run a 5k and enjoyed it, A LOT.

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I was so excited, so proud, so happy that I admitted to myself that I wanted to run and then committed to doing it. Committed to taking it one step at a time, using all of the resources and knowledge I had within myself at that moment, and then stepped in. Post mindfulness triathlon, I realized that in recognizing and admitting that I was afraid, it allowed me to acknowledge the emotions surrounding the fear, offering more compassion and understanding to myself, so that when I stepped into the commitment, I was gentler with myself, fully present, and responsive.

My Journey To Joy

Acknowledging the fear allowed me to release it and truly be, it changed my perspective and provided another opportunity for expansion. Last Friday, during a Yoga class in Costa Rica, as I stood balancing on my left leg in standing splits, a sensation filled my entire being; a deep sense of elation, of confidence, and of pride. In this moment, I had the realization that I am proud of my body. For me this is not easy to say as it comes with worries that it might sounds egotistical, boastful or vain. Balancing on my left leg, right leg extended behind me, reaching towards the sky, crown of my head to the earth.

My right hand grasping my left ankle, feeling the muscles and tendons working to maintain my balance.

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  7. My left leg feeling strong, stable, grounded, like a tree. Balancing on my left leg. Ten years ago I was preparing for a total hip replacement of my right hip. Use Alternate Player. Learn More. LOG IN. Browse Features. Jesus and the Journey to Joy John Piper. Jesus and the Journey to Joy.

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    Journey to Joy is a six-part series on the theme of joy in the book of Philippians. John Piper walks us through a short study on how to understand joy, pursue it for ourselves, and then apply it in all of life. Read more. Pastoreando a nuevos creyentes Adulterio y ministerio pastoral Estas platicas hablan sobre la realidad de la guerra espiritual y la labor del creyente en medio de la misma.

    El cristiano y la guerra Has expulsado a un demonio? To learn more about The Worship Initiative, please visit their website by clicking here.

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    Racial unity is a gospel issue and all the more urgent 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. The 50th anniversary of King's tragic death marks an opportunity for Christians to reflect on the state of racial unity in the church and the culture. It creates the occasion to reflect on where Christians have been and look ahead to where we must go as we pursue racial unity in the midst of tremendous tension. King and Kingdom: Racial The Most Segregated Hour in Memphis 50 Years after King J.

    Equipping the Next Generation The Power of Unearned Don't Lose Heart: Why It's The Church Without Walls: How The Civil Rights Movement A House Divided Cannot Stand Christian Hip Hop and the Next The State of Racial Tension in To the Ends of the Earth: The Ellis 31 MINS Evangelicals and the Future of The Glory of God and Racial In this series John Piper discusses proper biblical interpretation including what to do when we don't know what a verse means, and how to read narrative parts of the Bible, like the Gospels.

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    How Do We Read the Bible's Mine God's Poetry for God's How Do You Decrypt Confusing We don't want to become stagnant in our faith—we desire to grow into mature followers of Christ. But we often feel powerless and confused about what it means to mature in our faith. Using multiple passages of Scripture, he coaches believers into a life of spiritual maturity. Sell the Treasure That Will Not Seek the Treasure That Will Not Think Hard for the Sake of Your Spiritual Growth Is Not Your Old Passions War Against Fix Your Eyes and Heart on the Can You Defend Your Hope in Does the Bible Contradict Practical Steps to Walk By Are the Old Testament Promises God is a lot like the number pi.

    With committed work, we can memorize many of the numbers in the sequence, but we can never know it fully. God is too big for our limited minds, but He has graciously given us everything we need to know about Him through His living and active Word. He highlights essential elements of God's character—His love, grace, and holiness—as described in Scripture to encourage us to love Him and know Him better. Grace Supplies Strength for Do Not Diminish God's Love for Would a Sovereign God Ever Harm We live as forgiven sinners in a sin-stained world that is hostile to Christians.

    How can we have a holy worldview in a godless culture? He teaches through several New Testament passages that challenge believers to model Christ to the government, authorities, and their enemies.

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    Live on Earth as Citizens of Trust God When You Are We can sometimes forget the profound complexity of our salvation. We go through the motions at church and take for granted the beautiful gift of life in Christ. Our Disobedience and God's The Victory That Overcomes the The Book of Life -- Exploring The Light of the Gospel of the Known by God Before You Were How God Purifies Our Souls from They Were Destined to Disobey Five Truths About Eternal Saved by Grace But Not Without Invincible Joy Proves Our The Heart of the Christian How to Rise After We Fall into Can a True Christian Fall Away Jesus never intended for the gospel to stay behind closed doors.