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The skull was carved by hand, because modern machinery would have shattered the piece. Remember that it is made from crystal, which is only slightly softer than diamond. Using modern carving tools would have shattered the skull because of the vibrations produced. Carving from a substance this solid and brittle would have taken at least years. Joe November 28, PM. Slightly softer than diamond!?!? Diamond is the hardest known substance to mankind.

The comparison between crystal and diamond to its softness is laughable. Amber Sebren June 20, PM. A replica has been made in China by modern tools. It not only can be replicated, it has been replicated. What tends to be forgotten about these skulls whether or not they're fake's that almost from the moment they began to be 'discovered' various parties've attempted to prove they were products of 'incredible' secret techniques supposedly known only to the ancients or merely modern fakes by subjecting their surfaces to all manner of tools and processes some of which inevitably left traces of their own.

The Brazilian iron chlorite inclusions I suggest's a red herring unless it can be proved it's Madagascan because for the right materials pre-Columbian civilizations demonstrated a willingness not only to wage far flung wars but also to mount expeditions covering very large distances over enormously difficult jungle and mountainous terrains risking attacks from all manner of hostile tribes to bring even extremely fragile materials like enormous sheets of formica to line their temples.

I believe you mean "mica" not "formica". Formica is an American brand name for a kind of plastic. Now, if they'd used oil paints on thick woven cloth, they could have invented linoleum. I agree with Michael it's unfortunate that for attention you mislead the reader with your title. Gary Randall March 13, PM.

Don't forget that the mica chamber close to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotwachen sp contains mica sheets that came all the way from Brazil. So why could the crystal for the skull not also have come from Brazil?

crystal skull

Human-hours were calculated, surfaces were analysed, and conclusions made. Results confirm this type of artifact remains anomalous as to craft technology--practically impossible to repeat with our highest technology. I agree with Michael-- new analysis is appreciated but oddly slanted bias and overly generalized statements that attempt to encompass the entire collection of these artifacts is misleading. Let's work to provide balance--these are extremely important issues regarding global technologies from the remote past We need to respect the fact that mysteries that confound modern science exist, and this remains one.

Htos1 March 13, PM. And you engineers KNOW it. Hedges skull is real,and in a pure crystalline state,and oh yeah,show us how it's "faked'. WP March 19, AM. It is fake too. All are fakes, there is nogenuine precolumbian crystal skull. So please, stop believing in fairy tales.

AwakenHumanity October 31, AM. WP: you are the one who is believing the "fairy tales" that the media has brain washed your weak mind with, your statement is nothing more than regurgitated propaganda and denial spun by the elitist puppets who don't want the world to know of the powers these skulls possess and offer to humanity. Just listen June 6, AM. Ummmmmm, they just mentioned that they have proven there is one that is precolumbian.

On top of that, how can you take a goblet and compare it to something the size of the skull and say they weren't made the same? Of course they weren't. One was made by precolombian humans. One they have no idea on how it was made. They couldn't reproduce it today, yet they say it was produced in modern times. Now that makes since. Kind of like the pyramids throughout the world or other megalithic structures like pumapunku, todays mason with the saws and technology they have today say they COULDN'T reproduce the perfect cuts or as large of flat cuts that were being made maybe even 10, years ago.

Maybe their technology was way advanced compared to ours. It's okay. I know that's a lot to digest, so go to church and believe. Have "faith" that one being that looks like us created all this. Oh and dinosaur bones were planted by him to confuse us. If "they" can get you to believe or have "faith" in that cockamamy B. They get rich, the sheeple or herd of humans gets sick off their food and public water with chemicals added so a Dr. Oh please February 1, AM. Of course they can reproduce anything from antiquity today.

Try the chinese, they'll make you as many of whatever you want as you can pay for. IF you can pay for it. And of course we can make the pyramids today. Are you ready to pay for it? They are not very efficient though, all of those stone blocks for a couple of rooms.

As per the "ancient advanced technologies" comments which constitutes the purest "argument of incredulity" also known as "the divine argument" , maybe someone should have told the romans, because they beat all those "advanced technology pyramid builders" into submission with some steel swords and wooden shields. Not very "advanced" Not all of the crystal skulls are fake, www. Arthur March 13, PM. I find your article misleading.

crystal skull - The Skeptic's Dictionary -

Although you did not state outright that all such skulls are fake, the implication is strongly there, especially in light of your comment likening belief in them to Indiana Jones fantasy. Don't forget, one law of logic: just because one fake can be found does not prove that all are fakes. All known skulls are fakes. In some people's minds, it will never be disproven, because they want so badly for this bit of mystery and wonderment to continue. Klaus March 14, AM. When will they discover that Charles Darwin's "discoveries" of the s were fake, too? Tomalak March 14, PM. Does this mean these worthless fakes will be sold on the cheap?

I wouldn't mind getting one to put next to the fireplace. Mark Bellis April 8, AM. Mitchell-Hedges bought the skull from a collector in the UK for pounds in - no one ever thought it was a real ancient artifact before he started claiming he'd found it in Belize, something that no one else who was with him in Belize at the time is recorded as remembering.

It is a nice piece of quartz and certainly was worth the pounds in I saw and handled it in , and it had a large scratch on it - it's made of quartz, not a superhard material that requires carving techniques unknown to ancient cultures, and both ancient and modern artists have used quartz as material with contemporary techniques. Bernardo Junco May 10, AM. Muralist and collector Diego Rosales has a collection of Crystal Skulls he has aquired over the last 65 years in Mexico. His knowledge and understanding of pre-columbian mexican history makes him one of the most revelant individuals still alive today.

In time his writings and studies will be made public to better understand the world we live in. Paul May 28, PM. My god you are all nuts Lady hedges was never there at the site. A chiniesse artists who makes crystal skulls made a n almost perfect replica of the skull. Also mr hedges was provin to have bought the crystal skull at a sothibeis autction. In the I would love to believe their is magic in this world but sometimes there just aren't. Annaisannoyed August 1, AM. Why would the history channel ancient aliens get me all excited about this : I was hoping some cool stuff like this was legit.

Its very sad that when people want to beleive to something or need to they lower them selves to warship material fakes as the skulls are. Slowly- slowly technology proves that all those ALL were created after with modern tools. One think I would really like is to speak with those people they use to beleive and promote the skulls, to hear what they wioll say after the joke of the myth has collapsed. WakeUp November 5, AM. The statement you made, and I quote: "people want to beleive to something or need to they lower them selves to warship material fakes as the skulls are " Ive got a few questions about that line.

Firstly, where did you hear such a laughable narrow minded lie or how did you form such a ludacrous false opinion that people such as myself, who truly believe that the crystal skulls some of them are in fact ancient objects "lower them selves to warship material fakes"? Because I don't know, I wasnt there! So for those like myself who DO believe that the skulls are ancient, where in the world or other did you get the idea that we all worship them?

Personally, although I believe the skulls are ancient and powerful objects, I don't "worship" them or ANY object - or any 'Deities' for that matter. Not one.

So please tell me how you formed such a ridiculous opinion to make the statement that "they lower them selves to warship material fakes"? Now Im also curious as to how you also formed the opinion that: "material fakes as the skulls are. Slowly- slowly technology proves that all those ALL were created after with modern tools" Based on an article like this one or a TV show or Documentary, or a book? Because in case you were unaware -Those those are all media tools! And if you believe every article, TV show, documentary or book because someone called 'Dr Such and So' says it's true, you probably need to re-evaluate your perception of life itself.

Now I will ask you one more question based on your statement that: "Slowly- slowly technology proves that all those ALL were created after with modern tools" So what technology is being used to support your shared statement? And could you actually answer this question of what 'technology' would be used to determine this at the time you wrote this statement?

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Off the top of your head? And also who would be conducting the tests? Are they being paid? If so by who? And how would the alleged 'results' be conveyed to people such as yourself? Via articles, TV or paper? And most importantly, how can anyone trust these alleged 'results' and the people conducting those tests? How would we know they were even tested?

Astrix vs. Alien Project - Crystal Skulls (long version)

How would we know the tests even took place? Photos, videos, speeches? Im curious if your answer is yes, because I know that there are pretend things made to look real every day, a movie is a good example, just because you see a screen with batman fighting the joker with explosions and a plot on it, are you saying it must be true and would have actually taken place in reality? Now providing you actually read this far and did some deep thinking and used a bit of common sense, if there is such a thing, can you provide the answers for ANY of those questions about your statements and opinions?

If not, perhaps you should start to think for yourself, instead of being brainwashed into believing the notorious liars of this universe or anyone else for that matter before you allow yourself to form such misinformed and false ideas, and make idiotic statements about things you know nothing about - in short, think for yourself and if you don't know what you're on about, don't pretend to unless you want to make a total fool out of yourself again.

Although I know the original author of the comments above probably won't read all of this or respond, I urge anyone who did bother to learn from it, just because someone behind a camera or article or book etc tells you they have the "facts" and throw a bunch of pictures, words or alleged "proof" at you - doesn't mean it's true, evidence can be easily faked and twisted. We can break free from the control of this system and the snakes hiding behind the curtains running it, but not if we continue to be complacent and listen and do whatever we are told.

Just because the person you are responding worded himself poorly does not make his POV wrong. What you are suggesting is a complete abandonment of The Scientific Method. If we used your advice in the pursuit of knowledge, we would simply be sorting through possible explanations until we find one we like, rather than one that is correct. That is called pseudoscience, and it is an extremely seductive way of thinking, especially when we have a strong predisposition or desire for something to be the case.

In the scientific context, that is ridiculousness of the first order. That attitude has perpetuated more myths, supported more logical fallacies and bound more people in human history to ignorance than any supposed conspiracy ever could. Yes, there are many people who simply believe what they are told if the conclusions are presented with seemingly convincing evidence, regardless of whether the evidence truly leads to the conclusion or not.

Your comment identifies you as one of them.

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John Morgan November 5, AM. The only reason the majority of skulls are deemed fake is because main stream archeology has deemed it is. If they can't find how something like this was made prior to their assumptions, it cannot be real. Archeology has been trying to become the new "religion" for centuries, they take no consideration into the ingenuity of mankind at different times or when motivated to exceed their times.

Any and all outliers are fake. Tracy Spry December 1, PM. Abraham Arnett December 8, PM. The most logical and perhaps boring explanation, but also the correct one, is that for decades people have perpetrated the myth of the antiquity and possible extraterrestrial origins of the crystal skulls for prestige and financial gain. They prey upon people desperate to believe that there is an ancient prophecy of 13 crystal skulls either created by humans long ago or deposited on earth by sentient beings from other planets, a prophecy that was invented by a new age writer in order to sell books.

There is no evidence whatsoever that this "prophecy" originated with the Mayans or any other ancient civilization.

A Mythic Past

Science has proven many beliefs to be false: the sun does not revolve around the earth as it was once widely believed, the earth was not created in seven days and the moon is not made of cheese. Science has also proven that crystal skulls are not ancient nor were they brought to Earth by aliens.

The people who believe in the antiquity or extraterrestrial origin of the crystal skulls have a deep seated need for someone or something to save them, in this case alien wisdom contained within the skulls that will somehow solve all their problems and make the world a better place, and in that regard they are no different from people waiting for the second coming of Christ.

The faith that people put in the alleged authenticity of the crystal skulls and the bogus prophecy is no different than the faith that people put in any other religious ideology. Do those of you who believe in the crystal skulls feel that you are better than everyone else because you know the truth and we don"t?

The legend of the crystal skulls

If so, all that proves is that you are no better than any other religious fanatic because, like them, it's not enough for you to believe in something, you need the rest of us to believe in it, too. The same methods of scientific investigation that we have drawn upon to send people into space and return them safely to the earth, to split atoms and to heal the sick has been used to prove that the skulls are not ancient nor of extraterrestrial origin.

To deny that. Liz January 12, AM. The story goes that when Mitchell Hedges returned to the site after three years, his daughter Anna Mitchell was with him and she discovered the skull under the ruins of an alter. However, Anna stuck to her story till she died at the age of in Anna claimed that she had several dreams regarding ceremonies and rituals performed by the ancient Mayans whenever the skull was in her bedroom at night.

She also gave the skull for scientific examination to Hewlett Packard. The findings were quite puzzling. The skull had been carved with diamonds and then smoothened with a solution made out of silicon sand and water. This means that whenever a piece of crystal or quartz is cut, it has to be done according to the axis formed by the molecular structure of the rock. Going against it would shatter the entire piece. So how was this done in the first place? Then we have the other skulls found in other sources. There is the British skull and the Paris crystal skull. They are said to have been bought in the s by mercenaries in Mexico.

They were found in Guatemala and Mexico. They were both tested and were found to have also been cut against the axis of the rocks. It was only after Jo found out that the skull was of archaeological interest worldwide that she took it out of her closet and had it examined by an expert. It was indeed found to be ancient. Another crystal skull enthusiast Joke Van Dieten Maasland has a smoky quartz crystal skull, which was discovered in during the excavation of a Mayan temple in Guatemala.

Joke states that the skull has healing powers and helped heal a brain tumour in a book she has written titled, Messengers of Ancient Wisdom. The skull is named E. The rose quartz crystal skull is very much like the Mitchell Hedges skull and was found near the border of Honduras and Guatemala. Its lower jaw is movable just like the above mentioned one. The Aztec skull that is at the Museum of Man in London has been said to move on its own inside its glass case and museum staff seem uncomfortable around it.

Are these skulls really the ancient showcases of human wisdom and hold powerful knowledge or as scientists say, just clever fakes? From InpaperMagazine February 26, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Recommend 0. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 1 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. May 27, pm. Latest stories. Most popular Australia uninterested in a free trade agreement with Pakistan.

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