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Available from 15 Jun Chilling Ghost Short Stories A deluxe edition with a chilling selection of original and classic short stories. The new tales, many of them published here for the first time, bring a modern twist to the outstanding mix of intrigue that lurks in the furtive imagination of E. Chilling Horror Short Stories A deluxe edition of original and classic short stories, packed with monsters, vampires and the weird. Tales of shadows and voices in the dark from the likes of H. The result is a rich landscape of humanity, gods and spirits introduced here in this comprehensive book of folk tales and legendary exploits.

Detective Mysteries Short Stories Private Eyes with eagle eyes and rare skills, bloodhounds and sleuths, the shadowy arts of the detective have intrigued us since tales of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and Sherlock Holmes.


Add some treachery, intimacy, and a little murder to the mix and you'll find a powerful series of dark stories from classic and contemporary writers. Available from 15 Nov Detective Thrillers Short Stories The thrill of the chase, the steely-eyed detective either gentle or hard-boiled , the dark alleys and the double-cross, the unsolvable crime by a masterful criminal mind: this new title features chills and double twists, unexpected turns and private investigators with an eye for the unusual, from classic and contemporary writers.

Dystopia Utopia Short Stories Following the great success of 's Gothic Fantasy, deluxe edition short story compilations, Ghosts , Horror and Science Fiction , this latest in the series is packed with tales set in bleak and paradisiacal worlds of boundless imagination from classic authors and exciting budding contemporary writers.


With his macabre twists of fate and fascination with science and invention his work led to the detective stories of Sherlock Holmes, the weird horror of H. Lovecraft and the grim, tortured tales of Stephen King. Endless Apocalypse Short Stories Stories of the end of civilized life have always fascinated us, from the mythological world endings, Armageddon to Ragnorok, to the flood stories of across the Ancient world.

This is the source of zombie literature, the inspiration for this mix of horror classics and brand new writing in the successful Gothic Fantasy series from Flame Tree. Martin drew on Tolkien, who was inspired by Medieval epics and Norse mythology. This collection of epic fantasy tales explores the themes of good vs evil, the low-born hero, and the arrogant overlord, and laces them with a taste of sorcery that reaches back to the early sources, and stirs them in with the brand new storytellers of today.

Footsteps in the Dark Short Stories Dedicated to that ominous strain of horror that sends a shiver down your spine, this selection of masterful tales gathers the weird and wonderful from a rich tradition of genre writing. This latest anthology in the popular series of Gothic Fantasy collections features classic and contemporary authors.

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These tales of love, courage and intrigue, shared for thousands of years, still exercise a powerful influence on our modern lives. Wells Short Stories H. Wells, one of the founding fathers of science fiction created a rich universe of short stories, many of which are collected here in this special deluxe edition.

The Star, The Time Machine and A Dream of Armageddon are amongst the many gems which make this a fitting companion to the other titles in our bestselling Gothic Fantasy series. Available from 15 Apr Contains a potent mix of classic and brand new writing, with budding new authors from around the world. From Perseus the Gorgon-Slayer of Greek myhology, and the exploits of Frithiof the Bold of Norse saga fame, to the tragic tale of Irish heroine Deirdre, these stories vibrate with the heart and soul of age-old narrative.

Heroic Fantasy Short Stories Somewhere between epic history, sword and sorcery and Tolkien-esque fantasy exists a thick vein of storytelling that would make Robert E Howard and H. Wells proud. We present a compilation of savage swordplay, and high magic, of daring deeds and gaudy battles, in a blazing mix of classic and brand new writing from terrific modern authors. His energetic, dense creations are perfectly suited to the powerful tales of the early Celts, and the later stories of an Ireland of mighty hearths, dreaming of battlefield glory, ancient gods and mystical isles.

A new hardcover edition of the Flame Tree Epic Tales. Available from 15 Oct And with the dark fiction of William Hope Hodgson and Arthur Machen this promises to be a haunting, chilling read. Contains a fabulous mix of classic authors, and brand new writing from the fresh talent of today.

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Lovecraft Short Stories H. Lovecraft was the inventor of cosmic horror, of weird fiction and the Cthulhu mythology. His stories found purchase in the fertile earth of pulp fiction where he inspired many other writers from Robert E. Howard to Clark Ashton Smith. This is a companion volume to our hugely successful Gothic Fantasy series of classic and modern writers.


This new, special collection brings together extracts of her novels and short stories, with an emphasis on the supernatural. Murder Mayhem Short Stories Following the great success of 's Gothic Fantasy, deluxe edition short story compilations, Ghosts , Horror and Science Fiction , this latest in the series is packed with hard-boiled detectives, monsters, psychopaths and a high body count, from classic authors and budding contemporary writers.

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The fierce glory of Odin, Thor, Frey, Loki and their fellow gods of Asgard are featured here with all the great adventures, from Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, to Ragnarok. As in its predecessor, Sunless Sea , you run out of both and your crew will become stranded and, most likely, cannibals.

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  • Like Noah releasing his dove, you can send out a scout in my case, a gothic bat to search for sight of land or other points of interest. On land you may resupply, replace any dead crew members and hunt for items in the stores that might be bought and sold for profit elsewhere.

    Once the essentials are dealt with, you are free to explore. Each port exists as a discrete interactive narrative, each one written with the playful, unsettling poise of a HG Wells short story.

    Thrilling Adventures by Russ Crossley

    You unravel the mysteries of each place you visit, often across multiple trips, and in this way your picture of the empire fills up, as does your purse. The High Wilderness is composed of four regions, including, most strikingly, Albion, which is illuminated by a clockwork sun. The effect is enhanced by a soundtrack of lush, moody electronic swells that evolve into melodic flourishes whenever you approach land. The routes between ports are perilous, filled with pirate steam locomotives, ink-hurling giant squid and rocks that threaten to puncture your hull at the merest brush.

    But the poise and elegance with which these unsophisticated ingredients have been mixed is revelatory. Resources are fearfully scarce; each bullet and bandage must be scavenged and weighed. The result is thrilling, if stressful, game design. Given the chance, Ace Combat 7 would surely have a similar effect.

    Positioned somewhere between a flattering arcade approximation of what it is to dogfight in a multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art jet and a stern-faced simulation, you scream through skies locking on to targets in the air and on the ground.