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I would seldom have agreed with the things that Ayishah did, but I very much enjoyed reading her story. In addition to romance and exotic locations, While the Sands Whisper has gangsters, human trafficing, and rains of bullets.

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Definitely not a sedate little romance! Although I enjoyed this story, I give it 4 stars instead of 5. It would be a 5 if I didn't think it needed another run-through on the proofreading front. Mind you, it's not chockful 'o problems. I'm just a freak about grammar in published work and would like to see a few punctation problems commas are so pesky!

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Aug 27, Jill Dobbe rated it it was amazing. I highly enjoyed this book about a nomadic woman who finds love, danger, intrigue, and her own identity in the Sinai Peninsula. It is a well written story that I occasionally had to remind myself was actually fictional, a genre that I read sporadically.

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Catherine's Monastery, and climb Mount Sinai. It was exciting for me to read again about those places that I had once I highly enjoyed this book about a nomadic woman who finds love, danger, intrigue, and her own identity in the Sinai Peninsula. It was exciting for me to read again about those places that I had once experienced. The mysteries of the Bedouin tribes and their intriguing lifestyle that is so unfamiliar to us is also what drew me to this fascinating read.

Nov 24, Oscar Sanz rated it it was amazing. A beautifully written book thoughout, not only inviting, but truly submitting you to the Beduin life and spirit.

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Through written images, wise words and uncountable impacting situations, the book transmits an inviting glance, not only of the Beduin experience, but on you life itself. It enriches you as a person and opens your eyes to yet another one of the worlds beautiful corners through the eyes of a extraordinary writer. Lovely book, reading it, took me back to my many trips in Sinai.

It is great to read about the places that I've visited and where I've experienced wonderful feelings. It is like I'm there again. Page after page, this book fascinates me! The love, the emotions, the mystery and the magic of this book are unique! I highly recommend it to those who want to be brought into a world of wonders. Jul 16, Sarah rated it really liked it. A very interesting read.

I've never read anything about the Sinai desert let alone the people who live there. I wasn't sure when I first started reading it. They are very complex and interesting. Oh I also enjoyed the Bedouin poetry.


I thought it was a Fine touch in the story. It's just beautiful. Reading this made me wish I could visit Sinai, which led me to look it up and read more about it. Videos About This Book. More videos About Linda Ruth Horowitz. Linda Ruth Horowitz. Educated at the University of Hardcore Travel Her works have been exhibited internationally. Trivia About While the Sands W No trivia or quizzes yet.

Quotes from While the Sands W You roam the desert and I roam the world. I'm an Israeli citizen living in a dream world; a Jewish princess in Arabia, I should have listened to my own children. Egypt is not my country! Welcome back.

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Now you can hop to the final platform leading to a large rocky pillar with Worn Rivets - and on the left side of the pillar is another Health Booster. The other side of the pillar has K-9 Valves , and two Ringer Corebytes you need to blast through in succession to reach the final sixth Cellbot and some breakable objects. Now you can hop down and return to the gate and unlock it. Be sure to find and tag the fast travel tube to the left as you enter the cliff area you could see from down by the Pylon.

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Right as you first entered the debris filled area, there was a small rock arch with K-9 Pads - if you have Mack search the area, he should find a buried Prismatic Core. You can also head to the area South of you around the Repository Blitz Dungeon, which is surrounded by black crystals. Check the other side of the structure to find a half buried sphere in the ground you can pull on with your Extractor. Doing so will summon a couple level 8 K-9 Corebots to attack, and once you finish them, the sphere will reveal a Prismatic Core inside.

If you manage to snag his rare purple core - it will count for both red and blue fusion back home!